Im a twenty-something born and raised a beautiful little pebble in the Pacific. My drive to travel doesn’t come from an overwhelming thirst for adventure…  just a constant and eager curiosity about the world and the fascinating people in it. I want to learn how humanity lives–why you are different from me, why I am different from you, and how we are, of course, all the same.  Excited, terrified, and mostly just incredibly amazed that I have the opportunity to do this, I’m ready to become an observer of this wild, wild world.




So far, if my budget holds out alright, my plans include the UK, Italy, Israel/Palestine, Turkey, India, Nepal, Argentina, the Marshall Islands, Vietnam and wherever else new questions and new friends might bring me.

The thing that always drove me nuts about travel blogs is that because there was no discussion of a budget, I assumed that these globetrotters were loaded! The hardest part of a trip like this is of course, money. I’ve never really had an excess of it, but I got pretty lucky about a year and a half ago. I was 21, with a bad case of wanderlust, having returned home to Hawaii after a few years in New York City and Southern California. I meet a nice boy from the other side of Oahu, and we spent an amazing summer surfing, hiking, kayaking, and painting before he was off to pursue art in New York City, and I left for a Senate internship in DC. Sounds like any other love story except that… here’s the zinger… his mother is a flight attendant!

So my flights are free until January, which cuts my air travel expenses in half. And on top of that I have about 8000 saved, with no student loans or other bothersome debts to pay. I’ve been getting by through work exchanges and couchsurfing to cut down on my living expenses, and as my wardrobe suggests, I’ve gotten REALLY good at staying away from shopping.


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